Lumen Naturae - my new identity

Last year was a year of metamorphosis for me and it occurred to me that in moving forward I was ready to give my photography a business name that reflected me more fully.

As often happens to me, ideas come suddenly from the ethers and with utter clarity I knew I wanted to name my business whatever the words in Latin were for "the light within darkness".

A quick google search found it, "lumen naturae".  As I read more about it, the perfection of "lumen naturae" in representing what I do and how I do it was clear.  Carl Jung wrote about it as a kind of "spiritual alchemy".  An excellent article was written by Paul Levy about this idea and about Jung's writings - really I can't say it better.  Read Paul Levy's article here. 

The alchemical aspect really resonates with me.  It is what inspires me, somehow that ability to go deep inside and bring something to the surface, something intangible yet profoundly true.  And as a film photographer, where I work in the darkroom and experience the magic of a print appearing out of seeming nothingness, the direct alchemical aspect feels ever present.

My true desire is that something I do in the photographs I make and the people I engage with, will make a difference, that it matters, it touches something deep and true and opens me and us up to the deeper connection of all that is.