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Your talent is amazing! I keep reinvisaging those wonderful images so full of grace, imagery and a sense of ethereal mystery. They almost spin out of the moment before into the moment after from the moment captured
— Maggie Sail, 2016


About Nijinsky: Leap and Pause - MARS Gallery July 2015




Dance Australia


About La Poesia della Danza - exhibition Harrison Galleries 2012


Drum Media
"...the emphasis is on the feeling the work offers, which Baker thinks of as “something that comes from you but is bigger than yourself. It’s like by doing something you find out everything that you’re a part of, the world and you" Read the article

Weekend Notes
"The images come across as raw and elicit an emotional response... I definitely felt a sense of connection to the photographs - whether it was because I myself am a dancer is irrelevant. In my eyes, Baker has succeeded in portraying the poetry and emotion of Venettia Miller's body and movement vocabulary." Read the article

Radio Interviews

Eastside Radio - Drivetime with Danielle Young and William Riviera - May 1, 2012


Eastside Radio with Susie Lindeman - April 26, 2012



About Unseen Hopes & Dream - exhibition Meyer Gallery 2008

Portraits from the Edge of Society
Robert McFarlane, critic, Sydney Morning Herald

“In an era awash with celebrity portraiture and counterfeit fame, I found it reassuring to find a photographer honestly drawn to documenting the less fortunate - for the best reasons....” 

“...I was pleasantly surprised by the intimacy reflected in the extended moments in which Baker captures her subjects. Owen, 18, Nowra reminded me briefly of Melbourne photojournalist Jesse Marlow's Wounded observations. This picture also evoked briefly the vulnerability captured in Matthew Brady's timeless portrait of a Lincoln assassination conspirator, Lewis Pine.” 

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Elle McCarthy, Propelle Agency

“I really didn’t expect to be quite as moved and inspired as I was upon viewing the images...” 

“...I think it was the combination of seeing the intensity and “realness” of their gaze staring back at me and reading the brief snippets of the events of their lives that had led them to that point, that really moved me - even to tears.”

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“He was afraid of viewing it. He'd never had a photo of himself before.” Kate Baker

“Imagine never having seen a photograph of yourself. 

In this overexposed age of digital cameras it is almost impossible to believe, but this is what Kate Baker found when she began photographing disadvantaged youth at Sydney refuge, Oasis.”

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